Nervous for SAT’s tomorrow?

i’m taking my first SAT tomorrow and am extremely nervous and pretty sure i won’t do very well.any tips for while taking the test?also, could you please grade my practice essay:prompt: what are your thoughts on the idea that failure is necessary for education to take place?The process of learning new things and gaining new skills is one involving tireless effort, dedication, and the occasional failure. It is necessary to use one’s failures as a means of improving for the future. Failure is necessary for education to take place because it allows a person to grow and learn from his or her mistakes.Thomas Edison is one example of a man who did not let his failures discourage him and keep him from accomplishing his goals; instead he used those failures as a basis for his future attempts. Edison worked for years trying to create a well-functioning, practical light bulb, facing failure after failure until his eventual discovery of the create of the light bulb. When asked about his many failed attempts at creating the light bulb, Edison was not ashamed or discouraged by his failures; he instead remained optimistic and proclaimed that he now knew various ways not to make a light bulb, thus bringing him closer to the correct formula. Thomas Edison made use of his failures to learn from them and aid him in his future success.Modern science has suggested that young children should be allowed to explore objects (under parental supervision) and make their own mistakes because they will learn from the consequences of their actions and realize that it is not a good idea to repeat said actions. Scientists realize that the only way to prevent negative or harmful actions is to allow them to be performed at least once so that the negative consequences may be observed, discouraging future repetition of harmful actions. Should children never be allowed to experience the negative consequences of their actions, they may never learn what is harmful or inappropriate.Personally, I have learned that mistakes are necessary for future self-improvement. By receiving a bad grade on a test, I learned that I must study harder for the next test to be more successful. When the next test came around, I was more knowledgeable and well-prepared, and my grade demonstrated my hard work. By not performing to my complete capabilities the first time, I learned to work more diligently and achieved the success that i desired.Failure is absolutely necessary for human growth and understanding. One must experience mistakes to learn from them for the future. Should a person never experience failure, they may not learn from their mistakes and will not achieve the same level of success they may otherwise have been able to achieve.

Geoffrey canada’s main argument in fist stick knife gun?

I am doing an essay on the author of Fist stick knife gun’s main arguement. I was wondering if it would be that you must have heart in order to survive life. or that the government needs to do more to protect minority children. I’m not sure

How many people visit Facebook in a day?

For an essay i am including how many people visit Facebook a day, I would really like in 5min, but i dont know if anyone would know that.If anyone know how many people go on facebook in 5min that would be great, or even daily would work

A few Conspiracy theories?

We are doing an essay on conspiracy theory, and I want to do a really interesting one that not many know about. Here are some I know that aren’t known everywhere-Nazi’s had their own UFOsRussians have recently invented a ray gun that turns people into zombies (kind of known) When hospitals give/draw blood they insert chips that can be used to control our minds by the governmentand thats about all i know :/ Give me a few more? Nothing to do with 911 or anything well known, but things that maybe have to do with something involved with the government (nothing obvious or such) but anything will do :) just no urban legends :)

I’m writing an essay and a character has to go into the woods whats a good reason….?

like I was think…1.) she wanted to take a walk threw the woods2.) her mother asked her to pick some flowers out in the woodsbut both of those are stupid and don’t make sense, have any ideas?

GCSE Coursework Essay Help: Analyse the presentation of the witches in Macbeth. Please help ?

I have written this so far but please i need it to be longer what else could i add what should i change in this what i have written etc any contributions arr very appreciated ! Love xAnalyse the presentation of the Witches in MacbethMacbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare in the 17th century. It had a twist of a theme with unusual characters. Among these where Witches and the play has a certain aura of witchcraft amongst its main plot. At the time when it was written King James was at the throne and he was fascinated by witches, he released books about demonology. Written directly by his own hand, it is shown that he believed himself to be an instrument of God. He believed in Satan and that his mission was to seek out and kill “witches. He was convinced that they had tried to cast spells and kill him on numerous occasions. He also believes he is a descendant of Banquo and was very enticed by the idea that Shakespeare would write such a play. James was not alone on this ideology and many of the English people believed that Witches existed and persecuted innocent people who they believed of witchcraft. It was a felony to be a Witch and if someone thought you were then you were most likely to be persecuted, tortured or killed. People often blamed their misfortune on witches and used them as an excuse for when bad and unfortunate things take place. A huge proportion of the population where religious in particular Christian during the time this was written. Witches represented everything evil about the world and where thought to be minions or advocates of Satan himself. People thought that if they were to hunt persecute and murder ‘ Witches ‘ then they would be doing good things for god and have a path to heaven. Shakespeare knew about all these opinions and used them to his advantage when writing the play just agreeing with the common speculation about them being manipulative and the bringers of evil in this case the fall down of an innocent man and the murder of many people.From the very start we learn that Macbeth is a hero and mostly responsible for the victory in the beginning battle scene between the invaders. From the way others react, treat and approach him we learn that he is a very successful, courageous and potent leader. However after the meeting with the Witches his fate is entwined so that he has to carry out acts of evil, completely contradictory to the picture built about him at the start. He is very keen for their prophecies to come true and knows that he must carry out some evil deeds such as murdering Duncan his king who he fought to protect earlier. The witches knew exactly what to say to the men to get them thinking and ratiocinating the possibilities of what they say. Macbeth is told her will be Thane of Cawdor and then thereafter king and Banquo shall sire future kings. These prospects enthral Macbeth’s curiosity and mind he is completely allured to the power the witches suggest about kingship. However Macbeth understands the fact that Duncan must be killed for him to be king. However this is where the contrast lies, he will not be crowned unless he murders Duncan. Lady Macbeth receives the letter from Macbeth explaining the meeting and prophecies and she is very swayed by the idea of her being Queen and him being King. She is very influential on his decisions and encourages the idea of murder to Macbeth. He takes a good look at himself, and his “if it were done when ‘tis done” soliloquy reveals to him and us that nothing but blatant ambition is at the core of this act of betrayal: he is pernicious. Macbeth kills the king to secure the kingship, but immediately it becomes clear that the only way to hide the murder is to keep murdering. Eventually murder and tyranny are the only way Macbeth can keep his power.‘’ FIRST WITCH: All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Glamis!SECOND WITCH: All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!THIRDWITCH: All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be King hereafter! ‘’Here the witches made 3 statements of truth however that is all they are and without being expanded upon they are almost useless in painting a clear future. The witches see that Macbeth has a dream and desire inside him for great things and urge it on with equivocation, never letting on that there are dire consequences to go along with all the good and positive parts of their prophecy.The ideology of “equivocation,” or “the Jesuit suggestion of bending around the truth so as not to incriminate oneself,” was popularly discussed while the rebels were being tried. Critics thought that equivocation was about the distortion of truth, but this distortion wasn’t necessarily the equivocator’s fault.It was believed that you would only bend the truth (lying to yourself and others) if you were influenced by dark forces, who could get the better of you by their insinuation. It was generally believed that the Devil was responsible for such distortion, as man…

Help with life of pi essay?!?

Help with life of pi essay?!?can you give me 3 ideas to use as supporting detail paragraphs for this questionhow does faith effect pi’s and the readers understanding of the better story

Is the word “Berliner” appropriate/formal for describing citizens of Berlin, Germany?

I know FDR (I think it was him) said it, but I’m not sure if it’s the official or accepted way of describing a citizen of the German capital of Berlin. Anyone know? I’ll be using this word for my English essay. Thanks!

Does modern media lead or manipulate war and society?

I have an essay I have to write, so I really need three points. Essentially, how does media impact or manipulate war and society? I’m mainly focusing on how it manipulates war and society. I want to focus on each time period, so the French Revolution, World War 2 and War on Iraq/War on Terror. Thank you ! :)

Does Canada has an identity or its just a toy for U.S?

its for an essay…