Macbeth, Henry V, etc…Please help me!?

Hi everyone! So I am in AP English, and our semester exam is two essays. The exam is over Macbeth and three movies we watched. I wanted to get a little more information on the movies so that I can do good on my exam. We watched Macbeth (Roman Polanski's version), as well as read the play, Henry V, and Much Ado About Nothing. I am looking for the themes in the movie. Some of the things I want to focus on is foul is fair, fair is foul (that is a quote from Macbeth), duty, deceit, sleeplessness, nobility, and loyalty. How are these present in each movie, as well as the play Macbeth.Thank you all so much! I am not sure what the exam essay questions are, but I want to be prepared just in case there is a question over the movie or the themes. So thank you again for helping me!

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    Alright I just took my AP English(language) final Thursday and we had to do an essay on Macbeth what I focused on was the idea of a certain Karma that existed, the balance between our actions and the results we face due to them, as seen with Macbeth’s descent into madness with each step he took closer to evil to accomplish his goals, and speaking of his goals another universal them is the dangers of blind ambition.