The Kite Runner? Help?

My sons have both been given an essay on the book, the kite runner., The question is: 'Explore the ways in which Hosseini portrays Hassan' comment on the language choices.I have not read the book but they are asking for help. would anyone be able to give me an answer to this question so i can point them in the right dirrection?ThanksMuch appreciatedDawn

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  1. frighten says:

    Hey – I’m actually studying The Kite Runner at the moment for my A-level English, so hopefully I can help…In the book, Hassan is always portrayed as the “pure” character – he doesn’t lie or steal or manipulate, like most of the other characters have done at one point or another. So every time someone in the novel does something unpleasant (for example), we, as readers, find ourselves comparing their behaviour with that of Hassan.***Another thing your sons might want to note: that the point I’ve made above still applies EVEN THOUGH Hassan is a Hazara and thus (in the eyes of Afghanistan) of lower class and a ‘lesser person’ than most muslims – whereas Amir (a Pashtun), though having done quite a few bad things in his life, is considered to be of higher class and a ‘better person’ than Hassan. Here we see Khaled Hosseini showing IRONY because he uses Hassan to symbolise the epitome of a human being :) If you need more help, message me x