I’m writing a persuasive essay..help in outlining?

The topic of my essay is "Galapagos penguins endangered"My concern is that I think my essay will turn out to be informative, instead of being persuasive. Our class was supposed to pick a topic and write a persuasive essay, and I picked this as my topic. I can't change my topic now... FYI, my essay is limited to 2 pages. The causes for this problem are introduced predators(cats, dogs, rats), illegal fishery, and global warming. I'm supposed to only include 2 causes, and I decided to include introduced predators as my 1st cause. However, I have problems in deciding which one to incorporate for the 2nd cause. Global warming seems a bit broad, considering the fact that my essay is limited to 2 pages. On the other hand, I think my essay will turn out very informative if I include illegal fishery. What should I do ? How can I write my essay to be persuasive? instead of informative and expository? HELP!

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  1. sereins says:

    Persuasive essays can be informative. The trick is to use the information you have presented to make a point, or give readers something to take a position on. Galapagos penguins endangered isn’t really a “persuasive” topic the way you have it worded. What do you think about that? It should be something like “We need to stop endangering Galapagos penguins” and explain why in your essay. My advice to you would be to say something like: there are introduced predators threatening galapagos penguins. This needs to be stopped because… (it is throwing off the natural balance of the animal world or something).