Writing college essay for another student unethical?

How unethical and wrong do you consider this and why? If another student who needs to finance own education writes and sells essay to make money, how wrong is this? I get that the buyer is cheating by presenting work as his own but why and how is this wrong. And how is it wrong for the seller to do this, its not much of a big deal or illegal and if it is a big deal, why do you think so?

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6 Answers to “Writing college essay for another student unethical?”

  1. parades says:

    I consider it 100% unethical. This is cheating, and you are helping someone else cheat. Find a legitimate job.

  2. hinson says:

    I consider it unethical. Why? Because the student who is using this essay is benefiting from work that is not his own, and the student selling the essay is undermining the hard work of students who write their own damn essays. I’m a huge believer in “you get what you deserve” when it comes to schoolwork. If the student buying the essay didn’t put any effort into it, why the hell should he benefit? As for the seller — there are other ways to make money to finance an education. Students go through it everyday. There’s no need to resort to the wrong means.**It sure as hell is NOT legal, Captain. Try that in the publishing industry, and see how your publishers like finding out that they paid you for a book you didn’t even write. In college/university, that practice violates the honor code that the students agreed to abide by when they enrolled.

  3. nov says:

    Not all black and white! Report Abuse

  4. nontrigonometrical says:

    Have you considered that if either party gets caught… then both risk suspension, loss of Fin Aid, and possible difficulty getting into any other school to get the educationUnethical & illegal when you consider your contract with the college/university that provides the educationin the end… is it really the $50-$100 or whatever if you loose the ability complete your educationand, imagine if “Suspended for Ethics Violation” is heard by potential employers?!?

  5. deodorized says:

    People do it all the time. It is ethical in my opinion because you are providing a fair service to someone who knowingly completes the other half of the deal (you are completing the 2nd half knowingly.)It is not illegal….It is however, very profitable! :D

  6. caracols says:

    Tell you what, sweetie. You go away and grow up for five years or so, and then ask yourself the question again.