Any ideas on something involving the Middle East that I could do an essay on?

I need to do a -persuasive- research essay based on something that happened in the Middle East between 1945-1995. He said he's looking for something like "Stalin's succesors did not carry out his plans for the U.S.S.R and therefore eventually led to the Soviet's collapse" and then supporting point out of history to prove that i.e. "Khrushchev's destalinization weakened the communist ideals adopted by the community because..."I have to work with the Middle East, pretty much anything involving Saudia Arabia, Iran, Israel and Palestine et cetera (he told us to stay away from Iraq for now). He also says he doesn't want to see any radical biased opinions or rants and everything needs to be supported by academic sources.Thank you, I really appreciate it. I just don't know too much about the Middle East and I don't want to screw anything up.

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7 Answers to “Any ideas on something involving the Middle East that I could do an essay on?”

  1. unspool says:

    I travelled and lived in Israel in 94-95 during that time the primeminister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin was assinated ( the evening of 4 November 95) Theres so many options for the middle east. so good luck

  2. ive says:

    You could do something on the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), and the establishment of a Palestinian state, and expand on the fact that they have observer status within the UN, and at the same time are on the US’s terrorist watch lists, and the battles over the Giza strip. All very interesting stuff.

  3. contusing says:

    Establishment of Israel, 1948

  4. pneumatometry says:

    You can write something about Afghanistan. Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan but were forced to pull out. Use the website to find out information. Good luck!

  5. squareage says:

    I’m Iranian, so I would do something related to the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979, and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini.

  6. tautoousian says:

    Don’t know if I’m going the right direction. How about the stand of their women in that period? What their place is society and religion was and is. How it is has evolved…

  7. whatami says:

    What about a reveiw of the Saudi-Egyptian conflict which have happened in the early 60′s . that conflict had been demonstrated in many ways: Saudi Arabia supporting the trditional relegious forces against the semisecular nationalist Egyptian government . that conflict had reached its climax at the Yemen revolution when Egypt was supporting the progressive revolutionary forces against tribes and relegious forces supported by the Saudis.