Essay for college: Can I please have your oppinion on it?

There are 3 Paragraphs. 1 Thesis sentence (end of paragraph 1), and 2 topic sentences (beginning of paragraphs 2 & 3). Do they sound alright? Oh, and each paragraph will be posted as "additional details".Oh, and the essay is actually double spaced, with indentations at the beginning of the paragraphs, it just didn't show it when I copy'pasted it onto Y!A. Thanks!

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3 Answers to “Essay for college: Can I please have your oppinion on it?”

  1. fumes says:

    it sounds great… you used variety of words and more educated words that made it sound sophisticated… i liked it

  2. soothes says:

    i love it u well definly get a A+

  3. hypergamy says:

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