I’m confused by this girl?

There's a girl at uni who I kind of like but I don't want to get too invested because she sends mixed signals. I dont get to talk to her much in person but we seem to get on well. We talk more on Facebook and she likes all my statuses (I know it's only Facebook but I'm plucking at straws lol). She asked me and my best friend if we were going to the club one night. We weren't and she convinced us to go but when we were there she only briefly came near us and talked to all of her other friends.Then another time she was already on a night out and pm'd me asking me if I was going out but I was busy so couldn't. I was going out a few nights later and asked her to come out then but she had another night out planned for the night before and said she would be too hungover to go. She suggested yet another night to go clubbing but I was busy again. That was about a month ago and we've both been really busy with holidays, essays and exams since so nothing has happened.I'm going to get all of my uni stuff out of the way then I was going to ask her to go for a drink but I get no other signs from her but mostly stuff on Facebook which isn't very telling...

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2 Answers to “I’m confused by this girl?”

  1. trivers says:

    bleh, she sounds like too much of a worry to bother,dont waste with her doing this and that, theres ton of girls out there just right for you, just be yourself and the ones who are attracted to your natural personality will come to you

  2. maynie says:

    A lot of girls, or just people in general, have a hard time saying stuff to your face. It’s always easier online. She might really like you but is just too shy to talk to you face to face. I think you should go for it :)