Ok I need Introduction paragraph essay help, Relating to All Quiet on the western front?

Ok so I need to write a five paragraph essay but im stuck on the intro paragraph. My theme is survival and the necessity for numbness and so far I have:Man’s first instinct is always survival, however what if survival is the only way to wake up each morning. One may change their perspective on how they cope with fighting for their lives daily with the necessity to feel numb. The feeling of numbness is a way to witness the insanity of the day’s events but escape the emotional feeling. In the prompt were relating the the book and a poem. For my thesis im going to use Both Erich Remarque's All quiet on the Western Front and Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Decorum Est" express the theme survival and the necessity to numbness of this wartime expericence. Please help me add more sentences or fix them in what I have so far. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREAT (:

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