Three Characters whom Jem and Scout learned to understand?

hey, for the novel To kill a mockingbird. we need to write an essay and i need three characters who jem and scout learn to understand throughtout the novel. i already have Boo Radley but i would like three more and please give a reason why too! do you think that uncle jack and mrs. dubose are good examples? please help! thank you!

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  1. deciliters says:

    Mrs. Dubose, because they now knew that the reason why she acted like that was because she was in pain and taking morhpine at the same time, which made her act unusual.Uncle Jack, because Scout understood why he acted that way when one of Scout’s cousins was making fun of Scout’s dad and the fact that he was helping a black man get the justice he deserves.

  2. dignite says:

    mmm good old Foundations Literature. I honestly never retained anything from that book, because, well, it’s boring except for the courtroom part.Your best bet would be looking around on sparknotes, it’s free. That’s what I did to study for the tests, which had questions like that, and I aced them.