Could you do this for an essay?

"Quote"-Explanation.I'm trying to write how a quote symbolize this story but i don't want to repetitively keep using This quote symbolize/illustrate/indicate/ represent. Is there a better way to do that? Can't you just write the explanation next to the quote?

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One Answer to “Could you do this for an essay?”

  1. borazon says:

    ‘Quotes’ should mostly be used if they are relevant, technical or of sufficient interest (most are self explanatory anyway), otherwise most can be paraphrased so giving their explanation and eliminating the need for a quote or citation.Essays with loads of quotes are marked down (these are hardly your own) as what is being looked for is your ability to express in your own way, what you have read, researched or interpreted.e.g. – “… blah blah quote.” (U.N.Owen, 2012). The real meaning of this is that …..”… blah blah quote.” (U.N.Owen, 2012). The writer interprets this as a clear indication of …Hope this helps you get over the problem.