What is a good topic question for my Henderson The rain king essay!?

i need a question to focus my essay on. Im having trouble thinking of one considering im not done the book. An example of one for the book Oliver twist is "What were Dickens major ideas about social injustice in his novel Oliver Twist?". Along with the question i need three subheadings which will be my paragraph topics for my essay. The 3 subheadings for the example are work, Family, Class. Thank you for your help, i suck at english:(

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  1. interrace says:

    The three main ideas or twists in the story should be your subheadings. When you finish the book you will probobly know what the three main ideas were. I never read that book so I can’t Tell you. Sorry..it could be a twist in the story or something important that happened.Good luck, and thx for answering mine :)