What should be my conclusion on my essay about trans fat?

Your conclusion should be supported by the facts you presented in your essay. It's kind of a way to summarize all you presented. It's like interpreting what all the facts you presented really mean. In the intro, you tell the audience what you're going to tell them. Then you tell them in the body of the essay (state your sources, present facts, findings, etc). And at the end, in the conclusion, then you tell them what you told them. Your conclusion can be that you agree with the experts, or you can say that they did bad research and point out the flaws in their analysis, or you can say that the evidence really is inconclusive either way. But you need to have presented evidence to support whatever you conclude. Enjoy!

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12 Answers to “What should be my conclusion on my essay about trans fat?”

  1. caitlin says:

    “All in all, trans fat makes you fat…so don’t eat it…and stuff.THE END.”

  2. anticoagulin says:

    should be avoided

  3. abura says:

    god hates fat people? i dont now i was always bad with conclusions myself.

  4. wrongheaded says:

    “and now I will take off my shirt and show you an prime example”

  5. urinaemia says:


  6. Ophidion says:

    repeat stuff that you said in the essay about trans fat

  7. opuntioid says:

    a conclusion should restate what the paper was about and leave the reader with one final thought. They basically are the introduction but backwards, start very specific and end very generally.

  8. duality says:

    look in a book!…..the internet!…….hello! think it might help!

  9. ascula says:

    it kills. . .in the long run.

  10. hxxqlbb says:

    Trans fat kills.

  11. rehandler says:

    Thank God New York banned trans fat from restaurants!

  12. Grady says:

    They’re bad for you and offer no benefit in return. Customers are mislead by labels which offer a daily requirement of trans fats, which is not actually a requirement, but a dangerous amount not to be exceeded. In conclusion, they offer no benefit and can easily be replaced by less dangerous products.