After you have written the first draft of your essay, what do you do next?

you want to make sure that you are concise and have thoroughly explained your position. make sure you have an introductory paragraph. and a closing paragraph. the ones in between should be points towards your position. each paragraph is a point. each sentence in that paragraph supports that paragraph's specific point. Have you done that?have someone else read it. dont tell them what it's about. ask them if it made sense to them. if your stand, either way, was clear. Were you too wordy? Did you use the word "really" in the text as an adjective? <--Take it out! Did you use the same word over and over again? Use a thesaurus and get some new words. Check your spelling. eventually, youre going to want to redo your whole essay, maybe move some points around.. take some out and replace it to make a stronger argument. create a new outline. write a second draft.. do the above really want to be able to form papers in your head.. be able to create outlines for anything, any topic.. and you can.

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3 Answers to “After you have written the first draft of your essay, what do you do next?”

  1. geikielite says:

    I would write my final draft and then type it up.

  2. adactylous says:

    Have as many people as possible read it and make corrections and give ideas. Then you will be ready to type up a final.

  3. faraldo says:

    Take a few hours off. Then give it a fresh read through. Shift paragraphs, sentences as needed. Line edit by using a ruler or notecard.