Introduction to war poetry essay?

I am starting an essay which the title is 'how does wilfred owen prefent the theme of conflict in dulce et decorum est? link to other poems you have read.'I am terrible at introductions, its supposed to be and sophisticated, formal and fluent but whenever ido it it sounds technical and really ordered. Once i have done the introduction i am fine with essays but i really need help to boost my introduction to make a strong start to the essay. the other poems i am using are the hero by siegfried sasson, the soldier by rupert brooke and the man he killed by thomas hardy. i came up with an introduction how it is really poor so please someone write on or begin to write one? a head in the right direction? thanks.i wrote:'throughout the poem 'dulce et decorum est' wilfred owen presents strong, graphic images of physical conflict, making the point that war is not beautiful or a fun experience. alongside this, the soldier by rupert brooke shows a totally different opinion on war, and how proud he is to die on behalf of his country., in contrast to these poems, the man he killed displays the thought of confusion and regret. thomas hardy does not appear to portray emotion in the poem.siegfried sasson reflects on conflict in the battlefield but also lying to save a proud mothers heartbreak. (excuse the spelling and punctuation, i typed this up quick, i wrote it fully corrected.)

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    It’s not that bad at all; you could stress the irony of the Sassoon against the sincerity of the Brooke.