This is an extra credit essay, it is not like I really have to do it, but it seems interesting?

May I request help?: If North America (U.S. & Canada) is the most successful realm, which realm will overtake North America's success in the future (i.e., who will be #1 after us)? I have to base it on this criteria, physical and the Human-what resources, innovations, technology (etc.) will allow the realm to flourish?, functional-how do the human systems function with the environment?, historical-what happened in the past to make this realm important/relevant today?. Finally, I have to think about how the Europeans maximized their potential to become world leaders. Their physical geography, resources, and the "3 revolutions" propelled that realm to the forefront in years past. Examples are welcome.

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  1. Bais says:

    If this is so interesting, why are you asking US to do it? When you find something interesting, YOU should be researching it. It doesn’t matter that this is extra credit, or that you really have to do it or not. If you are getting credit for doing something, it’s cheating and plagiarism if you hand in someone else’s work.Also, it has nothing to do with royalty, and so, is placed in the wrong category.

  2. cankiri says:

    Look into China. It’s the “realm” that many people believe will become the next economic behemoth.

  3. untwilled says:

    Ask Queen Michelle and Queen Elizabeth regarding this matter. Cheers!