What do Saddam Hussein and Joseph Stalin have in common?

Doing a essay about Dictatorship and need help

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7 Answers to “What do Saddam Hussein and Joseph Stalin have in common?”

  1. unclimbableness says:

    they are bad people.

  2. geikielite says:

    Very large moustaches…

  3. Dugan says:

    they both done war crimes . Joseph was a Nazi and Saddam was a tyranny Terrorist

  4. adactylous says:

    1. They both imprisoned, tortured and killed their political rivals.2. They both were once allies of the United States.3. Sweet ‘staches.

  5. perenyi says:

    They were both supported by the U.S. for decades.

  6. faraldo says:

    Stalin was Saddam’s hero. Saddam’s regime was based on Stalin’s. They even looked somewhat alike. Both were totalitarian dictators who ruled through a political party machine controlled the government and murdered millions of innocent people. Both were anti-Jewish. Both were anti-capitalist.

  7. parabolanus says:

    they are both dead