Where can i find adoption statistics?

Adoption rates around the world-im doing an essay on adoption and i need to find out if adoption has increased or decreased over the past years? -If it has increased or decreased, i need to find out how much..(please tell me where you got hte info from) **THANX**

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4 Answers to “Where can i find adoption statistics?”

  1. sentimental says:

    One good place to start is to google Adoption Statistics. That should give you a good head start. But, you can also go to Child Welfare League of America’s website, where they have a lot to begin with. Here is a link…. [external link] …

  2. platypodia says:

    [external link] …Here’s a website about adoption in terms of the foster care system. As far as adoption in the cases of mothers who choose an infertile couple while they’re pregnant instead of having an abortion, I think the statistic is some where around 1% of all pregnancies. Maybe a little more than that. Good luck!

  3. microcythemia says:

    For the UK, the ONS (Office of National Statistics) is a good start. For 2009, the most recent year for which figures are available, there were just over 706,000 live births and 4655 adoptions – a rate of less than 0.007%. The stats also show that the number of adoptions has remained fairly stable over the past 10 years but that the number of live births has risen significantly – from 622,000 in 1999. Adoption rates have therefore fallen as a percentage of all live births.

  4. halgren says:

    I guess I think you should go do your own homework.