Will i make it into these schools?

Because I am so desperate I will virtually give you my entire resume.My top choices for school are:UC BerkeleyUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of PennsylvaniaBrown UniversityNew York UniversityUniversity of Southern CaliforniaMy unweighted gpa I will have up on my app next year (my senior year) will be a 3.75My weighted will be a 4.45I want to apply for a linguistics major and molecular biology major.I have taken the following tests:AP's: bio = 5euro history = 5us history = 5art history = 4human geography = 4physics b = 5calc ab = 5english language = 5will take sneior year = english literature, spanish language, stats ap, physics C (both tests), and ap econSATs = 770 for math750 for readin750 for writingsat subject tests:hebrew : 730german: 740spanish: 730i am a male korean so i am fluent in korean as welli am also proficient in dutch, afrikaans, and esperantomy extra curricular and leadership activities include:captain of the marsh restoration teampresident of the south bay leo's clubeditor in chief of my school newspaperteam captain for my tae kwon do demo teamintern at green lifestyle environmental radio stationintern at LA Yoga magazinetranslator for the green life radio webpageblog editor for my school's websiteMy awards are few:national english honors societynational honors society 2 silvers in national tae kwon do sparring tournamentaudobon yes! for most active volunteer/advanced restoration team at the marshseveral essay contestswhat i fear most is my gpa; a 3.75 just doesnt cut it for the schools i have listedhowever, i am hoping my language skills will help me get into these universitiesplease give me your expertisei will appreciate so muchif there are more schools you may like to suggest or think i may get in please feel free to comment

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  1. cataclinal says:

    New York UniversityUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUC BerkeleyDefinitely the others can go any way. Upenn will be a challenge.University of Chicago will come pretty easily.Brown will be hard to get into but I also knew a kid with a 4.4 and he got in.