Help with American dream essay?

Before anything, I just wanna say I'm just wanting help, obviously not you to actually write the essay. But I have to write an essay, the instructions are: Students will write a well-developed essay using textual evidence that explores how the literate of the period reveals the nation's growing disilliusionment. (textual evidence from either The Great Gatsby or Of Mice And Men) or from both. And about the American dream of both of them relate to people today with the American dream. Here are some questions that hae to be answered in the essay: How is there disillusionment and loss of faith in the American dream? Rejection of the idea of a hero as infallible? How is the modern life spiritually empty? What is the meaning and purpose of the human experince? PLEASE HELP by giving ideas on how to start/end the essay, some key points I need to have, some rhetorical devices (with examples) and just overall help with it! 10 points to person who helps the most! THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME!

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  1. khot says:

    See “Rethinking the American Dream”. [external link] …

  2. douping says:

    In the beginning the American Dream was freedom. Then it became a vision of a country from Atlantic to Pacific. Then it was land for a farm. Then the dream was to own a business, and then to own your own house, and then maybe some day to get the house you own paid off. More recently the dream was shortened to holding a job. Now the dream is winning the lottery, and some have given up even that, taking a passport while they can still get one and going someplace else in search of freedom. It does not occur to them that a passport is merely a slave’s id card.