“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ” : Can you convince me whether I should or should not …..?

.... read this novel series ?If you have read this novel series, what are your thoughts on it? Do you have a special preference for any one of the 5 books? Which did you find best?To give you an idea,I'm 48, female; not much into fantasy but enjoy humor, science, fiction & nonfiction, & have read some commentaries/essays/books on the origins of life/universe, etc.Your guidance will be appreciated :-)

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7 Answers to ““The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ” : Can you convince me whether I should or should not …..?”

  1. setplot says:

    I think the series is great, but you do have to be able to appreciate British humor to really get it. I preferred the first book, but that could be because I read it so many times. If you’ve ever read and liked Terry Pratchett’s work then you should enjoy the Hitchhikers series.You might try listening to the BBC radio program to see if you like it.

  2. posttreatment says:

    i found the series quite interesting. I would definetly recommend it. All of the books are basically the universal travels of Ford, Arthur, Zaphod and Trillian who search for just about everything from the meaning of life to a cup of real tea. There are lots of crazy theories about things like the origin of the universe as well as lots of alien species and time travel. The books are funny too.

  3. inhalor says:

    I haven’t read them, as I don’t care much for most sci-fi or fantasy. But the first one at least is considered a classic of its type. Here you will find several reviews that may help you decide if you want to read them for yourself: [external link]

  4. fencibles says:

    Good day, Madam Meenakshi. A kind friend has informed me of your question. The first book of the series I remember as poker-faced Anglo-Hibernian humour, just a small bit of it being of the gallows variety, and consumed too soon. The following installments left no enduring impression, although I’m told they fed the fans’ addiction well. You can afford to give the first book a few hours, and should it fail to infect you, then claim to be a discriminating purist, only interested in the original idea.

  5. lupulin says:

    I’m reading the first book right now, and I’m really enjoying it. It has some good humour and unique takes on life and space. I watched the movie, and the book is definitely different, but the two have the same humour, so you could watch the movie first and see if you enjoy it. Marvin is awesome!

  6. cognation says:

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  7. downhanging says:

    Yes yes yes! Especially the first book. It’s VERY funny and very fun. I admit, reading all of them can get a bit cumbersome– they’re all good and funny and all, but the first is definitely the best. It’s really a lot of nonsense but it has its own logic. And it’s the reason my favorite number is 42!