What should I write my essay about?

I need to write an essay on anything related to Native American health. I'm not sure if I want to talk about mental health, nutrition, drug/alcohol abuse, or diabetes.

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  1. tuggnut says:

    Any of those topics sound fine. You should most definitely write on the topic that you personally find the most interesting. Do not worry about pleasing anyone else. The more you like the topic, the better you will write, and the more fun it will be to write, which all leads to a great essay for the reader (which is the ultimate goal). Please yourself first, and you will please the reader. So any of the above are great, or any other health topic that interests you the most.How about:Teen age pregnancy (social and health related topic)geriatric health (how do they care for their elders?)health care availability/quality on reservationstraditional Native American medicine and healingcancer and the Native American populationHIV and the Native American populationCommon Native American hereditary diseasesThose are just a few more topics for you to think about. Good luck on your essay and have fun!By the way, I also have a website where I have placed my arsenal of “how to” links for writing essays. Now people can go and grab whatever they need. The first link under Thesis Statement and also the first link under “How to create an essay” are both excellent. The website is small and easy to find things and there are virtually no ads: [external link] …

  2. drumbled says:

    Mental Health sounds interesting. I’d choose that one.