Who would be a current famous person that shows good leadership?

I have to do an essay on leadership for my Family and Consumer Sciences class, and I need a current famous person for my subject. A person who is not in sports and not necessarily a political leader would be best.(I considered about Tom Anderson, creator of Myspace, for all he has done to make technology more familiar to the current generation, something like that?)

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  1. anemogram says:

    Hey same here but i have to do voice of youth speech on Leadership/Leaders . ( this is my sisters account dont worry shes older than me.) U could mention Kevin Rudd or Barack o Bama How they show leadership I am. i’ll give u a website maybe u could go their and u might get help.

  2. qouting says:

    I like the Google guys. Their philosophy from day 1 has been “do no harm” and there is no other organization like them. Their employees love the company as do all of us who use them.