Help with argumentative essay. I want to know if i’m doing it right. I appreciated any ideas?

Thesis: The age limit for driver license in the state of Pennsylvania should be changed to eighteen years-old.I. One reason for the driving age limit to be change to eighteen years old is teenager’s uncontrolled behaviors while driving.a. Texting.b. Applying Cosmetic.c. Eating II. Another reason driving age should be increase is teenager’s foolish decisions while behind the wheel.a. Drinkingb. Road Ragec. SpeedingIII.Teens also are not mature enough to take reasonability of driving a vehicle.a. Racingb. Inexperiencec. Peer pressureIV. There also some positive outcome to rasing the driving age to 18 years old.a. Get more experiences drivingb. Less teenager death and injuries.c. Parents still will have control of their teenager activites.

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3 Answers to “Help with argumentative essay. I want to know if i’m doing it right. I appreciated any ideas?”

  1. seealso says:

    It sounds as though English isn’t your first lannguage, but your outline is good.

  2. beermaking says:

    Whatever you do make sure you have them backed up with actual statistics. It sounds obvious that younger drivers would engage in more DUI, speeding, and other dangerous and/or illegal and/or distracting activities, but you’ll find that statistics show adults to be far more dangerous in some of those areas. Don’t assume that kids under 18 text, eat, drink and drive, speed, or race more than adults unless you have valid statistics to back up those claims. Stick to things like inexperience, peer pressure, parental concerns etc.

  3. crudeness says:

    I’d leave out arguments like texting and applying cosmetics because people over 18 actually do that more often. Leave out eating too, because people do that at all ages. Racing is also more common amung people in their twenties.Just talk about the age-relative things when making your argument. Less knowledge, intelligence, less emotional control, those types of things. Age relavant.