How many essays do we have to write in the english regents?

i was just wondering how many essay do we need to write for the english regents? they made it different..i mean they made 2 days to 1 day n i dont think we have to write like 4 essays?..plz help me..n tell me about the essay...i mean one is critical lens and wats the other one?is the critical lens always going to be on the english regents/?/plzzzz heeeelllpppp...i m taking the regents tomorrow....

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One Answer to “How many essays do we have to write in the english regents?”

  1. liquate says:

    Hello, I’m taking it tomorrow too.Part I — Listening ComprehensionYou just have to answer some multiple choice questions for that.===…Part II — Reading Comprehension…Passage A) Read and answer MC questions…Passage B) Read and answer MC questions===…Part III — I think more Reading Comprehension with Short-Response….You’ll have to read an excerpt from an article or book. Then you’ll have to read a poem. Answer MC questions for both….There are two short-response questions:1) “Write a well-developed paragraph in which you use ideas from both passages toestablish a controlling idea about [some topic they give you]. Develop your controlling idea using specific examples and details from each passage.”2) “Choose ONE specific literary element (e.g., theme, characterization, structure, pointof view, etc.) or literary technique (e.g., symbolism, irony, figurative language, etc.)used by ONE of the authors. Using specific details from that passage, in awell-developed paragraph, show how the author uses that element or techniqueto develop the passage.”The Short-Responses are graded with a score of either 0, 1, or 2.===…Part IV — Critical Lens…They’ll give you a quote. You choose two literary works and write an Critical Lens essay. Highest score is a 6.You’ll have a total of THREE hours.