I need to write an essay on the holocaust… HELP?

okay so it's sort if an argumentative essay, like you have to ask a question, here are mine so far. what did Hitler do to start the holocaust?what impact did the holocaust have on the world?then write an essay about it. But I don't really like those suggestions can anyone else help me? please I'm 14 and not very good at this sort of thing...

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  1. kites says:

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  2. polyeidic says:

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  3. nobly says:

    Why did Hitler target the Jewish people?Why didn’t the rest of the world step in?Why/how can some people claim it didn’t really happen?Why did the Germans follow Hitler so blindly?Could something like this happen today?

  4. brocading says:

    “were all nazi’s bad?” and the answer is no..if you do enough research you can find some good information on nazi’s that planned to kill Hitler.

  5. syndic says:

    All the information you need is online. But one huge impact the Holocaust had which is still evident today was the creation of the state of Israel. After WW2 the survivors went en-masse to what was Palestine, only in some cases to be turned away and sent back to Germany of all places! The flood of refugees continued and it was too much to hold back. Today because of the Holocaust, Israel is a thorn in the side of the Islamic countries surrounding it, which the west (the USA, UK etc) let happen out of guilt for the genocide caused.

  6. cosectarian says:

    My teacher believes that the Holocaust happened.Actually she is Jewish.

  7. raring says:

    What did hitler do to start the holocaust is a good question.You’d mainly have to focus on the Jews though [but in school that's generally the group you're wanted to focus on]. Hitler didn’t say “hey guys lets have a holocaust build concentration camps and lets kill loads of people that are non nazi german approved” You can write about the cutting off of rights and boycotting of Jewish stores, how they were then thrown into ghettos and were often starving, without enough food clean water etc. You can then write about how the bullets were too expensive and it wasn’t “efficient” to kill the Jews in that way, so the wannsee conference was held where the “final solution” was came up with, the concentration camps were where healthy Jews and other groups were sent to work and some would be killed and the creation of death camps where hundreds of thousands/ millions were killed.Or you could do something like “what were the other groups persecuted in the holocaust, and were they treated differently from the Jewish victims”Gypsies, homosexuals, people with disabilities and Jehovah’s witness’ were some other groups that were targeted in the holocaust. We have all heard about the gassing of Jews but these other groups sometimes were treated worse, doctors would treat disabled people and Gypsies people as sort of live test subjects. If you do something like that your essay will probably stand out from everyone else’s which will focus on the Jews 6 million of which were killed, but in total 11 – 17 million people were killed in the holocaust, writing about the other groups that made up that extra 5 – 11 million will make yours different.However if you’ve been asked to write pacifically about the Jews I’d go with what hitler did to start the holocaust. [look into propaganda, boycotting, denying of rights, ghettoisation, the wannsee conference and the final solution and the concentration and death camps.] good luck :3

  8. tunkcol says:

    It’s hard to argue against the logic that most detainees in Nazi Germany work camps died from a disease called “typhus” spread by the human louse. The Nazis fought human louse infestations (because the camp inmates were valuable workers) by “de-lousing” infested bedding and clothes in “gas chambers”. The traditional method for killing people in large quantities is still mass shootings and one needs to ask, if you wanted to kill millions of people, why gassing them is more efficient than shooting them. The infrastructure needed to shoot people are guns and bullets, in plentiful supply in a war. Diverting precious labour to build “gas chambers” capable of handling millions of people …. why is that more efficient than shooting people in front of holes in pits dug by mechanical diggers and, of course, why kill the people working in the factories supplying the “war effort”?EDIT: To answer your questions more specifically.what did Hitler do to start the holocaust? < >What impact did the holocaust have on the world? < >You might also look at parallels with holocausts in Armenia and Rwanda.With all due respect, I think asking a 14 year old to have the necessary powers of discrimination to plough through all the disinformation, propaganda and lies from all sides that obscures the truth on this matter is a bit much. Good luck but remember, if you keep reading and learning, about anything, and use you mind honestly to ask and answer intelligent questions, you may well get closer to the truth than you may think.For example. When a fruit drink has pictures of fruit on the label and big letters saying “with real fruit juice”. It’s not a lie but, if you look at the small print, you’ll find the drink is 99% water, sugar, flavours and colouring. 99% of the media said Saddam had weapons of mass destructionIt depends on how much you are prepared to believe a version of history written by the victors. In the future, no-one will believe the US and UK invaded Iraq because they thought Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction. Even a few years after the war, anyone who still believes that is seen as an idiot. The same goes for accounts of many wars and genocides.Why does “The Holocaust” have its own name whilst “Genocide” is applied elsewhere? Why are the deaths of millions more relatively ignored (look up how many Russians died during WWll)I have discovered, later in life, that much of what I was taught at school was rubbish designed to make me believe a version of history that would make me believe the UK never did anything bad. Here’s an example of attempts to influence what children believe. [external link] …Do your own investigation with an open mind and you stand a good chance of finding the truth. If something sounds illogical, unlikely or there are “holes” in the story. It may be rubbish.On one side, Zionists were exaggerating “The Holocaust” to gain sympathy for their claim to the creation of “Israel”, on another, the victors would have been happy to have deaths from their bombing attributed to the Nazis (read about Britain’s bombing of Dresden and the weapons used and the number of casualties then decide for yourself if anyone behaved well during WWll).This quote from [external link] … is interesting.”The real significance of the CIA/Archives photos lies not in what they show, however, but in what they fail to show. That is: evidence to sustain “ground accounts” of mass murder of Jews at Auschwitz in the Spring of 1944. Whereas the great majority of the extensive descriptions of Auschwitz speak of between ten and thirty thousand victims gassed and cremated daily at this time, in none of the hundreds of aerial photos examined by the CIA officials is found any hint of the smoke and flame said to blanket the entire Auschwitz region.15″.Imagine you’re in a war, fighting on three fronts, you have camps full of “undesireables” who are forced labour in the factories in or near the camps. This liberates loyal Germans for other duties. You can’t win wars if the people you need to fight are working in rubber factories making tyres for the “war effort”. Do you then decide to start gassing the people producing the war effort’s vital supplies?