Is “Be Yourself: Be Courageous” a proper title for an MLA college essay?

My roommate is telling me that I can't use a colon like that.The essay analyzes how a person must be courageous to maintain ones individuality.

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3 Answers to “Is “Be Yourself: Be Courageous” a proper title for an MLA college essay?”

  1. proselyted says:

    Well, was the essay written in first person?–”Yourself”?Also, I think a period would work better, since a colon is normally used for lists or explaining a fragmented thought. It also simply would not look as good in the title.Alternatives:Be Yourself. Be Courageous.Be Yourself — Be Courageous.

  2. vegeteness says:

    [external link] can use Format Tool to format Books, Periodicals and Electronic Sources.

  3. propellable says:

    yeah but switch it so be courages:be yourself