What should be my thesis statement?

I am writing an essay on the Japanese language. In it I am going to include Some info about the structure of the language (suffixes, prefixes, bases ect.) I also plan on talking about some history on the language, including how long it's been spoken, how many places around the world speak it, how many different dialects are there, what role has it played down through history, what language group does it belong to, what are it's closest relatives. Just to name a few. So I was wondering what would be a good thesis statement, and hey while i'm asking stuff what do you think would be a good first sentence in my introduction paragraph and what supporting details should I use to go along with my thesis statement. This really means a lot to me, and my grade. So thank you soooo much to any answers!

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One Answer to “What should be my thesis statement?”

  1. britman says:

    Thesis Title: Why bother learn Japanese when Chinese is much more important?First Sentance: 排序: 与创建顺序相同 与创建顺序相反 标准日本语初级