Why is it okay to eat meat?

Besides the obvious, what would you tell a vegetarian on a discussion about eating meat based on facts? If you are vegetarian/vegan please don´t answer because I already have your points. I know it sounds silly, but I´m writing an essay and researching and any argument would really help me! Thanks a lot!

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7 Answers to “Why is it okay to eat meat?”

  1. colocap says:

    Because they’re already dead.Helps economy.Builds protein. Humans are in control of animals, anyway.

  2. airliner says:

    Helps control the animal populationWe have dominance over them.

  3. SHAWNTA says:

    wow- – someone will report this as a violationyou requested my opinionyou know the facts – - all nutritional values are valid for eachHumans are omnivores- – Fact – - make a choice – - pro – conwhy not Jesus ate beef, , goat, , lamb, , chickens, , fish and I am sure even rabbits delicious – - meals and included many vegetables and fruit”The Vegetarian Society, which initiated popular usage of the term vegetarian as early as 1847, condemns the association of semi-vegetarian diets as valid vegetarianism; the organizations points out that the consumption of fish is not vegetarian.[9]“I hate this subject because it (V’V) stems from either simple necessity money and space and living conditions to radical and religious beliefs- – NOT true valid reasons – - all the animals I know will devour carrion and primates kill V’V have placed Human values to animalsI AM SORRY this may have deteriorated to my rant

  4. typy says:

    the best answer, i think; lies in huma teeth! contrary, what the average vegie will tell… the human mouth is equipped with k9 teeth and incisors which have the sole purpose of tearing meat! you do not need these teeth for eating brocoli and bird seed. Also, regardless of what they try to argue ( because they never have science to back it up!)– tofu and beans are not a complete protein source!

  5. tartratoferric says:

    cause it tastes good

  6. Muharram says:

    Well, the amazing flavors that come from meat. Iron, protein, Omega 3 fatty acids from fish, B12 vitamins, and niacin mainly come from meats. It keeps a person healthy if eaten in a balanced diet. Although we’re not natural omnivores, we can eat it and obtain nutrients from it. Plus, its easier to eat meat then to avoid everything out there lol.

  7. smirches says:

    It’s not okay.