Why is my life so terrible?

I'm a 17-year-old girl and a senior in high school.Two weeks ago I got a rejection from the university I've been setting all my hopes on, Oxford.Today, my two "best friends" and I had such an argument that I know we're never going to fix it now.I don't have a boyfriend.I never have had a boyfriend.I'm actually writing this when I should be doing homework so I don't get a crap grade for my essay.Why don't more people commit suicide? Life is ******* awful.

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3 Answers to “Why is my life so terrible?”

  1. hotelward says:

    augh im in high school too ive been in the same situation for weeks now – i have no real friends, no boyfriend… it sucks. my self-confidence has been at an all-time low. but i recently went to a counselor for my depression and i have to say it helps a lot. the friend thing is tough, and im sorry. but everyone goes through it, ya know? it’s a part of life. you’ll find some new ones – and maybe even resolve the conflict with your friends, you never know! :) chin up, life WILL get better. oh, and for the guy thing, here you go. this made me laugh. [external link]

  2. radiature says:

    Your life will stay terrible as long as you sit there feeling sorry for yourself. These things happen, worse things have happened. Grow up.

  3. recompetition says:

    Everyone feels like this growing up, don’t worry. I didn’t have a boyfriend till I was 19 and then it all just started happening. I’m sure you can patch things up with your pal, if you really are good friends you’ll be able to sit down and sort it out and if not then you shouldn’t really be pals, and that doesn’t matter. As for life, it is great! sometimes there are bad times in life but they are there so you can appreciate the good. I think it can be super upsetting and saddening when your plans and what you know go out the window..eg uni and friends. Having this happen can make you feel pretty lost. There are so many great things you could do that you have to try not to focus on one way of doing things. you could travel for a year and then try again to that college, you could go off learn a new skill, become a scuba dive instructor…. anything you want. Maybe you are supposed to go to a different college and it will actually be a good experience for you. There are so many options and you are so young! It is all out there you just have to gather up your courage and go out and do it. you’ll have a great time.