What does persuasive essay mean?

Okay im writing a persuasive essay but here the thing i have no idea what it means and what to write about. Can someone PLEASE give some ideas on what to write about to persuade someone and tell me what persuasive means?

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  1. fBwhere says:

    something that persuades someone to change or do something. for example, should moms spy on teens when they are using the computer or should we ban drinking in ……(a state) or should we ban smoking in…..(a state) or wut i wud do a essay on is shud we build more on the mexican border

  2. csclass says:

    it mean you want to write an essay to try and persuade someone to see your side, or a particular point of view.Use any topic with 2 distinct sides– list the pros and cons for each side (for your own reference) use the pros of your side and the cons of the opposite side to persuade the reader to “be on your side”some topics could be:death penaltyraising the legal drinking ageabortiontaxing the richalmost anything politcal with two clear sides will work

  3. fruitfullness says:

    well a persuasive essay means that you get your audiences to do something of your Choice such as a movie i like the movie(?) and wy i like it is ____________________ . i would suggest going to the movie.