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Which of the following would be a good thesis statement for a literary analysis essay? A.Through symbolism, imagery, and subdued tone, George Orwell explores one possible outcome of a totalitarian government. B.George Orwell uses lots of literary techniques in his book 1984, and he creates a scary picture of what a totalitarian government is capable of. C.Interestingly, Orwell only really establishes two main characters in 1984. D.Although he clearly establishes the tone of the novel, George Orwell never makes one particular theme clear.

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    A: best word choice, lacks title of bookB. tells, doesnt showC. doesnt sound like a thesis, very vagueD. doesnt tell the theme, but gets me hooked (not very good for analysis though)A is the best choice, just put 1984 in it, though since i dont know the assignment, idk. just giving some (hopefully) helpful advice. and as common courtesy, next time post it in the correct section. :)

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