B’A: What r MAIN examples from To Kill a Mockingbird that show children are better morality gauges than adults?

-children are tought to obey their elders-children are born innocent and see anyone else as an equal until adults say differently-children are born with a natural instinct of "something doesn't seem right here"-children do not automatically think of killing someone/something until they are exposed to violence and such-children look for acceptanceI need to write an essay with the topic of why children are better gauges. So far I have these key points.-when something doesnt feel right, children question it until adults say "don't talk back" or "dont question your elders", children don't fear judgement as much as adults do-children don't quite grasp the concept of what is expected in their society & adults are responsible for how they need to 'shape' childrens' minds to fit the expectations of "normal society"----------------------------------What are main examples from the book that show these concepts? I think maybe Mrs. Dubose insulting Atticus and him telling Jem that she is just sick and to not flip out at her was an example of "respect your elders", but I'm not sure...

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  1. Acarus says:

    The children do not hate and fear blacks. That’s one.