Silence of the Lambs question?

I have to do an essay on Silence of the Lambs and analyze how the movie is contrasting the differnet woman in the movie and underscoring how difficult it is for women to succeed in a man's world. I didn't understand the movie too much... can anyone give me an explaination on this?if you poeple think i'm trying to get you to do my homeowrk i'm not.. your short answer isn't gonna cut it for my 6 page essay.. just trying to understand the film more since i don't have it so i can't watch it.

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3 Answers to “Silence of the Lambs question?”

  1. doater says:

    There were obvious difficulties for the female FBI agent while she was attending the in-service training course and after that when she was in the prison for an interview and that precise difficulties were because exactly of her sex. A man would not be exposed such attitudes. Besides those scenes, there was an incident regarding a kidnapped young woman. That was also clearly a case about those difficulties.

  2. axonolipous says:

    watch the movie! women do succeed in the mens world in this movie and that could be your arguement. They make serial killers weak!

  3. sanatory says:

    Jodie Foster is an FBI agent trying to profile a serial killer and save a girl’s life(she’s been kidnapped and they are trying to find her before he kills her). She asks Hannibal Lecter for help in profiling the killer because since he is one, he should be able to identify with one. The Silence of the Lambs title comes from Hannibal taunting her about witnessing the lambs being slaughtered when she was a child. Anyways, Hannibal gives some insight and clues and in the end they find the killer(who liked to dress up in his lady skin suit made from victim’s) and I believe he is killed and the girl is saved. She survived longer than the others because she jerked his dog into the well where she was being held and basically holds it hostage)