The Epic of Gilgamesh: I have to write an essay & I’m having a lot of trouble getting started?

Here's the question we have to write on. The wpic of Gilgamesh ends with Gilgamesh believing that he failed to achieve a major goal of his quest. In an essay discuss the weakness in his character that might have contributed to his failure. So I know the quest was for immortality, and I know he had to get a special plant. The thing I'm having trouble with is (1) the thesis question, I've gone completely blank, (2) I'm not sure what flaws to discuss in his character. Quite frankly, I had a hard time understanding the story at all. Could you just give me points to write on. I don't need any long answers, just help with the thesis and a little inspiration for my body paragraphs.Thanks for the help!

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    Maybe the main structure of the essay can follow the various challenges Gilgamesh must face up to. 1. Gilgamesh as a king. Since he is harsh and claims to have the ‘ius primae noctis’ (sleeping with the freshly wed women before their husbands). As a punishment of his arrogance, the god of creation, Aruru creates Enkidu to harass the people of Uruk. 2. The fight with Humbaba. In the Cedar Forest, when Gilgamesh encounters the demon, he first becomes terrified and only Enkidu’s encouragement helps him to overcome his cowardice. 3. When Utnapishtim offers him a chance of immortality, he fails to stay awake for six days and seven nights, so it turns out that Gilgamesh is not enough persevering. 4. After he finally obtains the magic plant from the bottom of the ocean, he carelessly leaves it on the shore while bathing in the water and a snake steals and eats the plant. So his main flaws can be arrogance, cowardice, lack of endurance and negligence.