What is “nature of society”?

i have to write an essay about how an author reveals the values of the characters and the nature of their society. what does that mean?if it helps, its from Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde.thank you :)

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3 Answers to “What is “nature of society”?”

  1. haptenic says:

    “Nature of society,” could also be thought of as “condition of culture.” To understand this examine the social setting in the story. Where the people downcast by depression, uplifted by an industrial revolution?

  2. saccharonic says:

    Societies are like animals. They have typical behaviors and motivations. But you’d have to know what society you are talking about. You don’t just magically know the characteristics of a panda.

  3. ceraunograph says:

    The nature of something means the essential characteristics or qualities of that thing. So the nature of society might be things like:The different types of people who are prominent in that societyThe social habits, activities and professions of those peopleHow the social classes are divided and what life is like for the different classes of peopleWhat the different roles and expectations are of men and womenThe attitudes, prejudices and morals of the different types of people, classes and sexesParticularly, what kind of behaviour is considered appropriate for different kinds of peopleThe importance of institutions such as marriageFrom Lady Windermere’s Fan you can discover a lot about the society that the characters are living in, ie., Oscar Wilde’s society.