Should students get paid for getting good grades?

I'm writing a persuasive essay on why students SHOULD get paid/get a reward for having good grades.. I already have, motivation, and the ability to buy their own stuff. I need one more. Please, thanksssss!:)

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  • articles that support that students should get paid for good grades

4 Answers to “Should students get paid for getting good grades?”

  1. Theopaschist says:

    umm well, that depends how good their grades are. give some motivation and rewards would only the best choice. (a parent’s point of view). not sure about students themselves; their point of views. good luck with your essay.

  2. searchership says:

    They do get paid for good grades it’s called scholarships, in terms of report card grades that’s up to the parent, the school paying for grades yeah won’t ever happen I’m not paying more taxes because you got an A in home Ec.

  3. erasion says:

    An understanding that success through hard work and determination can lead to both personal and financial reward/gain. Say it just like that in your paper and you’ll blow your teachers socks off.

  4. beside says:

    If students get paid based on the actual grade they receive, it would push them to excel higher so they make more money. But the qualification to get paid for grades should be a grade of 70 or higher.