The count of monte cristo help… please and thank you?

hi there, i need examples for the following things in the abridged version of The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas please & thank you.the topic of my essay is revenge in the example from the book to represent the following:- revenge isn't always targeted at one person- some people obsess over getting revenge- some people seek revenge for the wrong reasons- sometimes revenge can be justifiable- revenge is bittersweet - you can seek revenge at any age- revenge doesn't always have to do with physical violence- some people seek revenge more than others due to personalityTHANK YOU! :)

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  1. nephritises says:

    some people obsess over getting revenge.. the main character fought his way out of prison, *9caught up with some pirate guys, sailed hom, found the treasure of monte cristo and gained power just to get back at his former bestfriend putting him into prison, he lived his life from prison until the end trying to figure out how he would seek revenge upon him. Godd luck on your essay..