Writing an essay on Beowulf, not sure what format to use?

Okay so my class is writing essays on the story of Beowulf. The topic is the question, is Beowulf an archetypal hero or not? Now my question is, how should I write this, like essay format wise. Its been awhile since I've written one like this. Maybe I could state that I think he was an archetypal hero in the first paragraph, and then two paragraphs of supporting why I think what I think, then a conclusion? Idk.Thanks for any advice/tips/help

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  1. Judaeomancy says:

    Introduction:Start with something to grab a reader’s attention. Though it’s not necessary, depending on your teacher they might expect it. Maybe give a modern definition of hero. And I’d advise not to quote the definition (normally that’s a no-no), but give your own take on what you see as modern society defining a hero as. Go into Beowulf and if you want give a VERY BRIEF summary of the story. Biggest mistakes people make is spending too much time summarizing the story. Not important. When summarizing ask yourself: “Does the reader need to know this to understand my point?” Chances are they don’t.Reveal what you think. Give a thesis statement. Why is Beowulf an archetypal hero? He’s strength, lineage, bravery, willingness to die for his people, etc… *If you want you can separate your introduction, and thesis statement. That is, make your thesis statement into a thesis paragraph. No rule says you have to fit it into one sentence. Body Paragraph:I. Start with your topic sentence: “Beowulf proves to be an archetypal hero through… “Sentence to introduce first quote. For example if you talk about his strength: “Beowulf’s known heroism fed from his ability to defeat even the strongest monsters..” (Lame. Just an example though!)Give a quote. Make sure it flows with something. It can be something at simple as, “For example,” “As noted by the people, [quote something from the people in the poem]“Explain how your quote proves your point. This is different from the sentence that introduced your quote. Make sure to bring your point home! Why does this quote matter? ***You should give at least two quotes in each paragraph, in my opinion. One is definitely not enough. More is welcomed. End sentence (s). Maybe relate make to the thesis. How does this all tie together? And preferably end with something that introduces/touches upon your next point. II. Same thing – different topicIII. Same thing – different topicIV. Same thing – different topic ****** etc, etc. You can do as many paragraphs as necessary. I’d do at least three, even though it’s not necessary! The five paragraph essay is a pet peeve of mine, but if ever in doubt just go with that. Conclusion:You don’t necessarily have to summarize your essay, unless it’s long. (Or your teacher likes that you do). If you need it/want it/think you should have it… do so. Make sure we know why your essay was important. Ask yourself, “So what?”Leave the reader with something to think about.

  2. minchiate says:

    start off with the main points of beowulf (a synopsis) then proceed to explain what exactly an archetypal hero is and what isnt. Give your opinion. Then on the following paragraphs, give examples of why you think he was or wasnt. Include quotes as well. Don’t forget to cite them from the book. The do a conclusion paragraph.

  3. cadzook says:

    Here are some examples that might help you get started: [external link] …