English help! >>money essay includes advantages and disadvantages!?

an essay of money...and wat wod happen without it and moooore useful information that will amaze!

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2 Answers to “English help! >>money essay includes advantages and disadvantages!?”

  1. franchised says:

    As Jackie mentioned, people would barter or trade for goods and services. It hasn’t even been that long since people would go see their doctor and as they didn’t have money they would bring a chicken. Cash money is the great equalizer in that while someone may not want a chicken, just about everyone will take cash. Now with the advent of computers people don’t really have to “cash” on them in order to do business. Some people use credit cards because they have a short term shortage of funds and so they are charging it. Others use credit cards and pay them off when they get the bill as they are using their credit card to earn points for travel for example. Other people use debit cards as they have the money it is just more convenient to not have to carry around a lot of money. Now with online banking one doesn’t even need to deal with money at all. Two big problems. Identify theft and power outages.

  2. cyclope says:

    refer back to the “primitive” days where people would trade things or “barter.” that is how money eventually came about.