History is better understood by reading primary sources than by reading textbooks?

write an essay that includes a short introduction, a body paragraph, and a short conclusion. A. History is better understood by reading primary sources than by reading textbooks. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Write a short argument in which you make a clear claim (about the validity of this statement). Remember to support that claim with examples from your own experience.

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  • history is better understood by reading primary sources than by reading textbooks

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    basic pointsadvantages of primary sources–primary sources are written by people experiencing the events–primary sources convey emotions by people who lived during the events–primary sources give us a depiction of life during the eventsadvantages of textbooks–usually contains more accurate information –usually written objectively to convey the facts of the event–writers of textbooks go through a lot of editing to eliminate errors–events in textbooks have generally been studied by many people and appropriate conclusions drawn about them, with information pertaining to causes and effects of the situations