How many pages is 800 words double space 12 font typed?

I'm confused about my summary because I'm suppose to write a summary 800 words type 12 font double spaced and my teacher said it was 3 pages and 1/2, but when I typed it up, it said my essay was over 1,000 words. I'm confused any suggestions?

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5 Answers to “How many pages is 800 words double space 12 font typed?”

  1. bentstar says:

    800 words sure doesnt take up that much room. you’ll have to ask yoru teacher weather she wants 3 and half pages or if you wants 800 words. and ask how strict she is about either number.

  2. synanthy says:

    Just use this next time ;) [external link] Report Abuse

  3. tautomerism says:

    It should be about four pages. You probably have about 800 words if you were getting paid as a writer. You’re not paid for words like ‘and’ or ‘it’ or ‘but’ With the margins set right, and 12 point type, double spaced, I average a little over two hundred words per page. Many writers say 250 per page. Editors tend to think less.

  4. lunule says:

    The general rule is 250 words per double-spaced page. That means 800 words is about 3 1/5 pages. You’re right that 3 1/2 pages is about 1000 words, but it’s kind of nit-picking unless your teacher wanted exactly 800 words or exactly 3 1/2 pages.

  5. porcher says:

    im pretty sure it doesnt have to be exactthe more the merrier:)