Why was the League of Nations, and the Treaty of Versailles rejected by Americans?

I need to write an essay on this, but I just need a thesis for now. I've been absent for a while so my teacher told me to look up online, but i dont have the same amount of info and knowledge that other people do. So please help! thank you.

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2 Answers to “Why was the League of Nations, and the Treaty of Versailles rejected by Americans?”

  1. discomfortableness says:

    Matthew is partially right, but he did not answer both your questions. The United States did not enter WWI until late in the game compared to the Europeans. Fighting had been going on since August 1914 in Europe and the US did not enter the war until late 1917. The feeling that it was a “European Problem” was strong. Many Americans were of English and, to some extent, French decent. But large numbers were of German and Italian decent. As a result, it was not entirely clear whose side America would be on. When it was clear that Germany was intent on continued unrestricted submarine warfare and attacking American targets, the choice was made and the US declared war on the Central Powers (Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the crumbling Austro-Hungarian Empire). The end of the war was formalized with the Treaty of Versailles. the US did not reject this treaty at all. We did feel its terms were harsh on Germany in particular, but again, it was largely a “European Problem”. The US had no interest in how the borders of Europe would be redrawn, or what would happen with Germany’s few overseas possessions.President Wilson was a supporter of the League of Nations, a sort of proto-United Nations. But the American Congress, both the House and the Senate, saw it as a way to keep the US entwined in European affairs and they had no desire to do so. The League had no enforcement authority of any kind and therefore no way to press the will of its members on countries that went against the majority rule of the League. Without the support of the US, the League was even more meaningless to accomplish anything.

  2. thginot says:

    Because the Unites States government was unwilling to allow the United States to take an active role in the Global Community, as they, and the United States people, preferred isolation.