Do you think i have a learning disability or am i just not smart?

Hi I need to get an idea to see if I have a learning disability. I am in my 20's and in University. I have had a hard tiem with school all my life not matter how much i try.I confuse Left from Right and use a technique where I sign my signature in the air, I am right handed.When I was younger (7-11) I had a hard time telling time from an analogue clock. Not so much now.I have a very hard time with arithmetic math and have failed my o levels test three times. I’ve become better now but after numerous failures.I have no problem at all when I read. I do NOT see letters or numbers backward or interchange them. In fact I read very well and love reading.I do on the other hand make run on sentences in my essays and make my writing a very jumbled system of thoughts. I have improved though, but after many years.I cannot learn from lectures or tutors unless if they break things down to very basics. I prefer to learn from books but it does take a long time.I am very good teaching concepts that I’ve learned to other peopleMy penmen ship is not consistent. I am always- always the very last person to finish tests or labsYou would not be able to teach me a card game like poker because I would have to take the time out and teach myself.Sometimes I cannot count change if it involves coins (1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent) I usually have to think about it for a little bit before I figure it out. But longer than a few minutes

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7 Answers to “Do you think i have a learning disability or am i just not smart?”

  1. ladybird says:

    learning disability definitely.. go back to your doc and explain

  2. epacridaceous says:

    you might not like school i know myself i dont like it and some things i dont care for like science and i wouldnt even bother reading the book cause it would make me fall asleep i think some of the things you do you dont like do what you like and maybe that will help

  3. mariachi says:

    It might be dyslexia. I have it to but I have overcome most of it because I want to have good job after school

  4. cleanst says:

    no your fine.. school is stupid. fml

  5. T'OTHER says:

    dyslexia maybe

  6. jean-roc says:

    i hate school too! i just have to deal with it

  7. hundredfold says:

    My main consideration is that you say you are at a university, which means you must have gotten through school fine, so you probably don’t have a conventional learning disability (aka retardation). In fact most of your complaints are things that you have outgrown or managed to fix on your own. You sound fine.It’s possible you grew up in a bad educational environment, which would explain your difficulty with school (especially with higher education), or that you have some sort of attention disorder.