How should I start an essay with the theme of death?

Its about the poems Thanatopsis and Because I could not stop for death. I have no clue how to start it off with an attention grabber. Ive thought of some but they are even catching my attention so help please?

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3 Answers to “How should I start an essay with the theme of death?”

  1. retake says:

    It is a fate shared by the wealthiest of men, and the poorest of humanity. It is neither preventable nor avoidable. Death will find everyone.

  2. possessionist says:

    1st a general statement such as: There are many types of poems, but there are two that are downright (quite, or definitely) on the dark side. or I usually do (or do not) enjoy reading poems; however, ____

  3. Magnificat says:

    Uhh… Death. It’s inevitable.This one’s hard :(