HELP: I need a title for an essay!?

The essay i wrote is based on the book "Animal Farm". My essay is basically about greedy and ignorant pigs who are the leaders of the farm and only think about themselves. They control and lie to the other animals.So any ideas for a title?

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  1. money's says:

    “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”(which is from a famous quote by Lord Acton)And I don’t know if you’re studying this, but the story of Animal Farm is symbolic of the Russian Revolution…you really should work in some comparisons (Napoleon is Stalin, Squealer is Molotov via the newspaper Pravda, Snowball is Trotsky, etc.).

  2. jitters says:

    “the control freak pigs!” lolor “the big fat meanies”

  3. pegology says:

    ignorant animals?

  4. bunchiest says:

    Well, there is an old saying, “Ignorance is bliss”. So, why not title the essay, “Bliss”. This will also make for some irony, which shows your teacher and reader that you understand figurative language.

  5. Patagonia says:

    no snout about itland of the pigswhat pigs!

  6. rechazo says:

    “The Art of Manipulation” lol

  7. goldie says:

    greedy swines or what about PIG IGNORANCE

  8. songfulness says:

    Call it ‘Government Policies’.

  9. bouhiol says:

    Were the pigs really ignorant? I think they pretty much knew what they were doing. I guess since pigs are always construed to be greedy you don’t need to repeat ‘Greedy.” If your essay shows that they acted ignorantly “Ignorant Pigs” would work. Or “PIGS: Greedy AND Ignorant”or “Lying Pigs and the Politics of Pork”

  10. nonvaluation says:

    “Greedy and Ignorant Pigs”

  11. obscenely says:

    First off why that book?Maybe the pig that got caught in a lie

  12. lecates says:

    Pigs: The Greed of the Farm? not so sure about that, but good luck

  13. dissented says:

    Call it “Greedy and Ignorant”

  14. acscnet says:

    Selfish Swines

  15. unconsciousness says:

    The other side of pigs.Pigs gone mean.Master pig.hope this helps

  16. escomsa says:

    The Greedy, Ignorant PIgs

  17. sicklied says:


  18. acetone says:

    what kind of **** do u read!you should call it “the author of this book has problems”

  19. formulistic says:

    The Horrible, Greedy, Ignorant, Controlling, Big Pigs.

  20. macaco says:

    “Animal Farm:the essay”

  21. closings says:

    Pork Barrel politics and the pigs who make it.You could use it as an analogy of government.

  22. rehung says:

    pig leader