Please Help me on my English Homework ! … 10 POINTS !?

1.Complete the following sentence with the best word.Transitions should be a(n) _____in your essay writing.A. satiristB. illusionC. stapleD. substance2.Select the best answer to complete the following sentence.The primary purpose of a parody is to _____.A. create a humorous imitationB. disprove specific claims in the newsC. anger the audienceD. persuade the audience.3.Identify the best answer to the following question.Predict the influence of new technological developments on print media.A. print media will be displaced by television newsB. print media will die offC. more consumers will rely on digital sources for their newsD. more consumers will rely on radio and television for their news4.Identify the best answer to the following question.In which part of a newspaper would the most important, relevant, news appear?A. Front page headlinesB. Metro sectionC. Back pageD. International news5.Select the best statement to answer the following question.What is the benefit of organizing an analysis using a specific to general format?A. Readers can draw their own conclusions based on specific information presented.B. Readers receive an overview of the topic in the beginning of the analysis.C. Readers are provided with persuasive rhetoric to encourage them to keep reading.D. Readers are likely to respond to the emotional appeals.6.Identify the best answer to the following question.Which types of references are appropriate to use in your upcoming media analysis?A. paraphrase and summaryB. paraphrase and direct quotesC. direct quote and summaryD. paraphrase, summary and direct quotes7.Identify whether the following statement is true or false.The purpose of the "inverted pyramid" structure of a news story is to include all pertinent facts and details.A. trueB. false8.Complete the following sentence with the best word.At first, I thought I saw a caped man fly out the window, but then I realized it was only a(n) _____.A. satiristB. illusionC. stapleD. substance

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    1. C2. A3. B4. A5. A6. D7. A8. BAnd could you help me with mine…? [external link] ;_ylt=AlGyORl1wHV_pAHpdgGI6O3ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110321121918AAEbtid