How and why has the myth of Hercules changed over time?

Basically I need to compare the original Greek myth of Hercules and the modern adaptation (the Hercules Disney film). I'm going to be writing an essay on this so I only need a few points to help me get started. I need to know: How the modern adaptation of Hercules is different from the original story and how it is similar to the original story. For every similarity/difference I need to come up with a reason for why the directors/producers/Disney have made these choices (thinking about genre, audience and purpose). Thanks in advance!

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  1. Qung says:

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  2. katalytic says:

    See , there are certain things you must understand first .1) Everything we know about Greek Mythology is what has been written by authors like Homer etc. Now , Two authors , who write about the same topic may have two different versions of the story . One may say ¨ Heracles or Hercules became a god ¨ , while another would say “Hercules died a mortal death and went to the underworld¨ . So , we do not know which is true .So basically , Chose ONE version of the myth . I suggest you take this matter with your instructor .2) You must not just choose any version of the myth , but the version that is either different from the movie or similar to the movie ( if you want an easier job , you could choose a similar one or if you want some challenging aspect , you could choose the different one ) . But , both will have similarities as well as differences .If you understand these two things , you could definitely do your assignment .Good Luck !