How can I relate this to the real world, has this ever happened?

I don't know if you've heard of it but I have to right an essay on the story Harrison Burgeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. I say that it creates a uniform lifestyle that takes away all individuality and I need a sentence that relates that to the real an example. I'm confused a has there ever been anything where like every one was created obnoxiously equal, like no individuality at allllll?

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2 Answers to “How can I relate this to the real world, has this ever happened?”

  1. saccharogenic says:

    School uniforms? preps who all strive to be exactly alike and are afraid to have their own opinions or style.

  2. punishing says:

    in China I think, or Japan. One day in class, our history teacher was telling us that (I don’t remember if it was China or Japan) at one point in time wore the same outfit. everyone did. they walked around every day wearing gray. and loads of other things. I’m more closer to thinking it’s China by the way, though.