Lord of the flies attention grabber?

i need to write an essay for my English class. my topic is (one theme in the novel is the collapse (or "breakdown"), of society. how does William Golding present this theme to us?) I need an attention grabber to start this eassay and it must be original, which means not from the internet or if its already been submitted to turnitin.com thanks

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  1. malouah says:

    you should start your essay with the event of ‘piggie’ getting killed, and reflect on how that shows the beginning and undeniable breaking of the boys with their ‘instilled values’. — and maybe even compare ‘Piggie’ to morality and values (which is the cement that holds all civilized society together. -The minute they pushed the boulder off the cliff and crushed Piggie, that was not only the death Piggie, but also of the boys morality and values. They had crossed a line. The beginning of the decline of a society is always preceded by an abandonment of values, morality. This point in the story is the point of no return, because what they have done, cannot be ‘undone’. hope that helps… you may want to paraphrase, depending on your age, so you don’t get into trouble. :)